The ability to “think”

People don’t “think” anymore.

In this information society, if you have a question, the answer is always on the Internet and media… as if it were the ONLY true answer that exists. It is an answer that everyone became satisfied with, and no one doubts.

There lies a huge problem. When we stop posing questions and get satisfied with existing answers that other people created, we would lose our own ability to “think”.

Democracy is not for people who do not “think”. They vote for whoever says things which are pleasant for their ears, without giving further thoughts. Even dogs follow whoever gives them a treat.

I wonder, during all the history of democracy, were most people always like that – not really “thinking” but rather “following”- or is this a new trend.

Either way, one thing for sure is that the Internet has aggravated it by providing “answers” in few seconds.

What are even humans, when we stop thinking?

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