Ugly nature of human beings

Gun Stocks Rise Again In Aftermath of Florida School Shooting.

This is truly depressing because it shows our ugly nature of selfishness in profit-making.

The article explains several reasons why the gun stocks went up ; “the anticipation of more people buying guns to defend themselves, and the possibility that buyers might fear an impending crackdown on gun ownership, leading them to buy new firearms sooner rather than later”. 

To sum up, it is rational (profit-maximizing, calculating) people predicting irrational (haphazard, self-oriented, thoughtless) people’s behavior that caused rise in gun stocks after the tragedy.

From economics’ perspective, all human beings are rational. From behavioral economics’ perspective, human beings are irrational. But what if it is the domination of rational people over irrational people that enables certain business to function? (e.g. guns)

I am definitely for gun control. There have been eight school shootings in 2018. And it’s only February. This is crazy.

However, I am not trying to start a debate over for/against gun control here. I’m trying to point out a fundamental problem that lies in all of us ; abandonment of thinking.

It is not whether people are rational or irrational. It is whether people choose to think or let their emotions decide.

It’s clear that if no one buys a gun after the tragedy, because they figure out that the action of buying a gun only puts the whole society into vicious cycle, and therefore give up the idea of protecting  themselves with new guns for the sake of society, then no profit-maximizing people would invest in guns.

Although we can never be always right and rational, we can always think whether our action is right and rational. The act of questioning ourselves, even if it does not provide best answers, is the most important thing.

We were all born with the ability to think, so why not use it?

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