Am I a dog on a leash?

Do I really think what I think? Do I really feel what I feel? Do I really like what I like?

I often take my dog for a walk and recently I realized something. My dog, who is on leash, moves within a limited area of leash and believes that I am guiding him, therefore he follows me. Although he sometimes wants to explore further than the limited area of leash, if I pull him a little bit and say “no”, he gives up and obeys me.

What if we are behaving like a dog on leash (unconsciously, of course)?

What if we are thinking, feeling and living in a limited area without knowing that we could go further (just like a dog that moves within his limited area), and even if we tried to rebel against the control of leash, a small pull back and a voice of “no” (this could be your morality, responsibility or sense of justice) stops you from exploring more?

What if we believe that our life and our history are evolving by certain power and moving toward a certain goal, like a dog believing that his owner is guiding him somewhere but he does not know where it is, but the owner himself actually does not know where to go? In other words, what if our evolution was just random walk and luckily nobody has yet asked the owner where he is going, so we keep believing that he is guiding us?

What if there were no owner at all? We have our leash on our neck and live as if we were controlled by the leash, but there might have never been someone that holds our leash. We live according to our morality, laws and responsibility, but what if they didn’t exist in the first place?

Our faith in history, morality, development and even justice might collapse once we stop believing in our owner, because he is the one that is supposed to be guiding us to a better place. Without owner, the dog might run away and get lost. Whether the owner really knows where he is going or not, the feeling of reassurance that he is guiding us might be what makes it possible for us to truly enjoy our life.

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