Third World War and the Olympic Games

This morning I read an interesting article on the Olympics Closing Ceremony.

It says that North Korea is sending a high-level delegation Kim Yong Chol, who is suspected of leading two deadly attacks on the South, including the attack on the Cheonan, a South Korean warship, that killed 46 sailors. Some people in South Korea demand that as soon as he steps into the South Korean territory, he should be arrested or even assassinated.

It reminded me of Sarajevo Incident, the assassination of the heir to the Austrian Empire (Franz Ferdinand) led by those who wanted to be independent from Austria. The incident happened while he was visiting Sarajevo in the Balkans, which was so politically unstable that the region was called “The powder keg of Europe”. The Sarajevo Incident is believed to be the direct cause of the First World War.

I keep wondering whether history really does repeat, because this one particular thought has been stuck in my mind ; an assassination of this North Korean delegation might provoke exactly the same situation as the Sarajevo Incident, erupting the Third World War.

It sounds so pessimistic and unrealistic and I hope, from my bottom of my heart, it continues to do so. Because if it starts to sound realistic and understandable, it means that the Third World War is almost there…


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