The Power of Will – Humanity and Fire –

Fire can be both good and evil.

The discovery of fire led to dramatical advancements of human life, such as cooking, warmth and protection. Although in modern days we are more dependent on electricity, a good amount of electricity is generated by fire. And it is no doubt that grilled chicken is better when it is actually grilled directly over fire, not with microwave. Fire is still a crucial part in our lives.

However, fire can be dangerous to us as well. It is capable of burning things out and destroy them, hurt and even kill living creatures. (Recall all the wildfires in California last year?) It has always been a central force of weapons, such as bombs.

Humans, just like fire, can be both good and evil.

I guess I don’t need to write all the amazing things we do. For me, just hearing people say “thank you” makes me feel somewhat happy, the connections between people and how they respect each other are truly beautiful. Altruistic actions that we take, thinking about other people’s well-beings, constantly trying to improve oneself… they are all great features that humans should all cherish.

On the other hand, we have committed countless dreadful actions that destroyed not only things but also the same human beings. Wars, genocides, persecutions…

In a sense that fire and humans can be both good and evil, they are very similar. But what differentiate them the most, is the will. Fire cannot control which one they become, good or evil, on their own, whereas humans are able to decide whether they will be good or evil. They have control over their actions, therefore, their will is all that matters.

Now you have choices between ;

  • a) Be evil – be rude and complete outlaw of the society that everyone ignores you
  • b) Be good – be a kind and valuable member of society that everyone leans on you

It’s a pretty obvious question to ask, I know. But every once in a while, we are tempted by our own good and want to blame everything on society. That is when you ask this obvious question, to remind yourself the power of will that you have, and use it for the good of the society.

It’s when your actions become valuable to others that your life itself becomes valuable, isn’t it?

What you do reflects who you are
“What you do reflects who you are” Bretagne, France 2015

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