“No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

By Heraclitus

You are the only one
“You are the only one” Montpellier, France 2016

It seems both apparent and crazy to think that we can never experience the “same” thing again… any given moment can never be recreated.

“Reality is a sum of forces and elements that arise and gradually fall away, and only superficial experience makes us see them as solid and fixed in an importunate presence.”   – By Umberto Eco, Inventing the enemy, P.60

There is no guarantee that your house will not disappear tomorrow. There is no guarantee that the chair you’re sitting on will not melt in 15 seconds.

Reality is extremely fragile, and every single moment is completely unique in that it can never be re-experienced.

Not only reality is constantly changing that you can encounter every single moment only one time, but also it is only YOU in this universe and in history who can encounter each moment you’re living. You are the only witness. (A person standing next to you might be having a similar experience but not the “same” experience.)

There is physically only one world, and since everyone lives in the same world, we call it our world. However at the same time, it is your own private world because no one is having the same experience as you do.

But then how can community be possible if each individual can only live in their world?

Well I guess one of answers is to understand that everyone has their own values and perspectives. (Sorry if it sounds too cheesy…) It’s obvious and normal that everyone has different opinions since no one can experience what is outside of their own worlds. But once we realize the presence of other people’s worlds, we are able to understand differences and respect them. After all, everyone has experience that you didn’t or will never go through.

It is why we need to respect other people’s opinions, and doubt what you have believed in, and ameliorate your way of living in your world. You can make your living more enriching by learning from others, not only from people alive but also people in the past (history).

I believe that makes community possible. And what you can do for your community? It is to use your own unique experience to influence others in a (hopefully) good way. I am sure your experience has taught you lessons that some people need to know, and transmitting these lessons is what you can do as a member of community. You are the one and only, there are many things only YOU can do, and people need you.

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