Returning to Nature #2 macro-perspective

In my previous post , I wrote that our journey of becoming who we truly are is a roundabout trip because we sometimes want/need to go against our nature, despite our underlying desire to “be myself“.

It seems to me that this trend is also happening in terms of humanity as a whole.

Recently development in technology enabled us to live a more convenient life and we are constantly exposed to all the artificial things (I use the term artificial to signify things made by human power, e.g. food, furniture, clothes, electronic devices). We somehow connect the idea of nature to something inconvenient.

Living with nature
“Living with nature” Saint-Tropez, France 2016

It reminds me of our tendency to sometimes disobey who we really are (= our nature), because of our intelligence, social circumstances or our ego. However, although we might go against our nature, there is always a desire to follow our nature deep in our mind. No matter how convenient our life may be thanks to artificial things, I guess there is also something in our mind that wants to return to nature in terms of lifestyle.

That could be one of the reasons to explain recent trends in organic food, yoga, meditation… all the lifestyle trends that surround the idea of nature.

We were too busy keeping up with developments in technology that we have abandoned to appreciate the beauty of nature for quite a long time. But many people recently are coming back to nature by changing their lifestyles which is closer to nature. They prefer it even though it is a less convenient, less flexible and more expensive way to live, because they derive pleasure from it. People are, slowly but surely, returning to nature.

With technology, human beings have always tried to control and overcome nature. But maybe that’s not the way we should live. Maybe we should live with nature, not against nature. And that might give you a hint for finding who you authentically are, returning to your nature.

That’s my random thought of the day…


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