Convenience is not Happiness

I feel like people are deriving happiness from convenience.

Driving a car instead of walking. Asking on the Internet instead of reading a book for an answer. Eating factory-made-food instead of cooking yourself…

I do not deny that this desire of making our life more convenient allowed us to ceaselessly improve ourselves. It is true that people in today’s highly globalized, competitive world are always busy, and that they prefer to spend as little time as possible on each thing.

This is why I sometimes intentionally take a long time in doing each thing, to appreciate the whole process of doing, not just the result. I mentioned it in my past post [ A Life Lesson from Kant – The Beauty of Unproductiveness ] as well that although efficiency and productivity are vital nowadays, it’s sometimes a good idea to do the opposite ; be easygoing and unproductive.

Recent trends of slow life and slow food show how people starting to recognize the pleasure of taking time, appreciate the process and enjoy the inconvenience. (Here is another post where I wrote about where that trend might have come from)

Convenience is not the only criteria of happiness. Thanks to development in many fields, we now live much longer than our ancestors did. Why not spend a little more time on each thing, cherish the experience of living itself?

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