Your Life is Meaningless

You want to fulfill your life, don’t you? You want to enjoy your life to the full extent, while pushing your limits of what you can do and advance your career. That’s why you go out with your friends and travel abroad, as well as improving yourself by studying and practicing.

But what if I said, your life is essentially meaningless?

People tend to think the opposite ; your life has a meaning and is worth living for, and therefore you want to fulfill it. There are steps in your life which are widely thought that everybody has to take (e.g. finishing high school/university, getting a job, having a family), and since they guide you throughout your life, they make your life seem like there is an ending.

However, these steps are wholly conventional and arbitrary. The social system makes it seem impossible to live in the entirely different way (e.g. not going to school and getting a job at the age of 5), and it is legally speaking impossible, but the law itself is also conventional. There is actually nothing that stops you from living in a complete outlawed way.

It is also this social convention that makes you stressed and unhappy with your life.

  • You feel worthless because you didn’t get a good score on a test?
  • You feel like a loser because your friends are having stable work while you only get part-time job?
  • You feel jealous of your colleague who got promoted?

As there are criterions of measuring how “worthy” you are in our society, you feel forced to work hard to meet these criterions. The feeling of dissatisfaction and unhappiness comes from the constant pressure to prove your value of being. Your life’s meaning becomes showing how much you “worth” in society.

But these criterions are, as I said, conventional. Our society may give your life a meaning in that it demands you to be someone that our society wants, but it is definitely not the reason why you were born. You just happened to be born in this society in this time.

In my blog, I usually write about how you can contribute to the society, and I always believe that people should do so. However, if you are stressed out and feeling terrible with your life because you are not what the society expects you to be, here’s a little advice to remind yourself ; your life is meaningless.

Meaningless does not mean worthless. It’s quite the opposite. You are worthy in being who you are, don’t let the society decide your value by trying to meet the social criterions.

Furthermore, meaningless means it is YOUR role to give a meaning. Since there is no preordained meaning in your life, you can draw whatever you want on a canvas of your life. It’s better to draw a good one, right?

Once you realize that there is no meaning or purpose in your life, you may be able to feel relieved. There is no more “I have to do this”, but only “I enjoy my life”.

You do you, I do I, and that's it
“You do you, I do I, and that’s it”

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