“Expect Nothing and Appreciate Everything”

I love nothing more than a sunny day.

It’s refreshing, beautiful and peaceful. The color of the sky and trees, the voice of children playing, everything seems so precious. It makes me think, “how simple it is to be happy“. How is it even possible for someone to be so cruel, when one is living in this beautiful world?

It reminded me of an article I read the other day on happiness, saying that there are two types of people, satisficers and maximizers. Maximizers are those who “want to find the absolute best option”, whereas satisficers are those who “have a set of criteria, and go for the first option that clears the bar”.

If you’re a maximizer, you will never be satisfied because you’ll always think that there must be better option out there. Becoming a satisficer gives you another way of looking at things. Rather than seeking for a better option, you settle with an option that is “good enough” and be satisfied with it. “… research from Swarthmore College finds that satisficers tend to be happier than maximizers“, the article concludes.

“Expect nothing and appreciate everything”

Be grateful for everything that you already have, and you will quickly realize how blessed you are.

You’re jealous of that neighbor who has bigger house than you? You envy your friend for that luxury bag? These are desires that comes from being a maximizer ; you always ask for better options.

But you have a place to live and a bag to use. Isn’t it already wonderful? (or at least good enough?)

Being a satisficer means to appreciate every little thing that surrounds you (that cup of coffee you had this morning, that little conversation you had with your friend this afternoon…). Once you start realizing these details that make up your everyday life, you become aware of how blessed you are.

Here as I’m writing this blog in a park near my house in the beautiful morning of  a sunny day with children’s voice and a sound of guitar behind me, I say to myself again

“How simple and easy it is to be happy!”

The gentle sunshine, delightful children’s voices, pleasant trees, serenity of the moment… What really makes me happy has always been here with me. All I needed to do was to notice them, appreciate them by becoming a satisficer.


…That was my thought on this sweet sunny day.

April 26, 2018


  1. I firmly believe in expecting nothing and appreciating everything. Gratitude for the simple things and most that we take for granted is so important. Too many people believe in entitlement…

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