On Corrupted Authorities

There has been a lot of news going on about corrupted authorities, and we seem to be still stuck in the same question as Machiavelli, Hobbes or Locke did ; the question of power – how it should be allocated and employed – .

Power? Power.
“Power? Power.”

Those recent news makes me wonder if authorities have always been this way and people are finally becoming able to raise their voice against them, or it’s only recently that authorities are becoming more and more unbearably corrupted.

People often discuss problems surrounding power by stating how the system of authorities should be. Some may say there should be more rules to prevent the abuse of power, or some may say that there should be no authorities at all.

Take government for example ; many people are in favor of democratic system, but even among them, some prefer liberal one and others prefer conservative one. Throughout the history, there have been absolute monarchies, constitutional monarchies, republican system… to name a few. When talking about allocation of power of government, we talk about the system ; how it should be.

However though, maybe we are asking the wrong question (“how it should be”) to the problem of power, and maybe that is why we have not yet been successful in finding the right answer.

It could be that governments (or any authorities) should not seek “the system” that functions forever, but rather they should try to be flexible. When any authority becomes unchangeable and settles in the situation, it becomes absolute ; people stop questioning their status-quo and the power slowly becomes absolute without them noticing.

That is why I have been a little bit skeptical about finding “the perfect system” to maintain power balance, because the mere action of “settling in one system” might be the very reason why authorities start corrupting.

Maybe it’s better NOT to look for the solution to “how power should be allocated”, but we should just maintain a critical attitude towards authorities, be always cautious about them, and let them be flexible.

Those endless media coverages of corrupted authorities may have made me too skeptical about authority itself and given me an idea which is too narrow, and I might change my mind about it someday, but hey, I should be flexible too right?

At least this is my random thought that came up to me this morning…

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