Loose Curiosity #1 Oli Epp

A couple of days ago I found this artist called Oli Epp on Instagram.

His works are really fascinating and fun, but they make you think, and I admire his creativity and sharp observation of our society.


Do we eat, or does food eat you?

Do we think, or does a computer think for you?

Is you body just a robot that consumes whatever the market offers you? Is your brain just a reflection of what a machine tells you? Where is you, yourself, then?

Thanks to the Internet, we have now access now to almost everything and we always face multiple choices. This excess of information (whereas some decades ago, the world suffered the lack of information… it’s impressive how the world can change so quickly), may have facilitated our life to some extent, but it also created another problem ; people getting tired of choices. This led people to let technology, mainly the Internet, decide for them.

It’s efficient, to some extent, but what if someday people became completely dependent on technology?

Maybe it’s not robots taking our jobs, but us, people giving our jobs to robots, voluntarily…

Well anyway, I’m really happy that I found such a thought-provoking artist (but his style remains fun, light and humorous), and I hope I can go to his exhibition someday!

[About Oli Epp]

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