Loose Curiosity #2 Architecture

Hello people!

Yesterday I watched a film called “The Price of Desire”.

“The Price of Desire tells the controversial story of how Le Corbusier effaced and defaced Eileen Gray’s moral right to be recognized as the author of her work and as one of the most forceful and influential inspirations of a century of modern architecture and design.” [Source : IMDb]

I personally enjoyed the film, even though I have never really been so keen on architecture. I happened to watch it by chance, but after watching it, it made me realize how enriching my life becomes when I have interests in many fields… Now I no longer see architecture in the same way I did the day before yesterday.


What struck me the most, was the realization that architecture is not something, but it is everything. Architecture has been so central in our life that we forget the impact it gives to your life. Whatever you do, there is architecture ; crying after the breakup with your boyfriend, partying with your friends, caring for your mother to the end … you are in the architecture – whether it is in your house, at a bar or a hospital.

It is quite intriguing to think, that when you are filming a movie or doing a play, you care so much about the decoration, because you know that it is not only about characters in the story but also the background that affects the entire story. However, when it comes to your real life, you don’t care about your background – architecture. After all, what you surround yourself with – architecture and interior – are the things you will spend most of your life time with – more than your friends or partner. Your friends may come and go, your partner may be away sometimes, but your house and furniture are always there, waiting for you, remain immobile.

The film The Price of Desire illustrates the pure passion and affection of Eileen Gray for her house, which makes you reflect on your own place.

If architecture is part of my life, if it creates how I feel and how I live, then why is my place piled up with random gadgets that I bought solely by an impulse driven by greedy advertisements of capitalism? 

Minimalism was a keyword in the film, so does the philosophy of architecture by Eileen Gray. I started to think, that minimalism is not only pleasing from artistic point of view and my personal financial point of view, but it is also crucial in that it reveals who you are. The less you have, the more exposed you become, because you have nothing to decorate yourself with. Minimalism might help you understand who you really are, yourself without useless decorations that the modern capitalism made you buy.

In addition, the less you have, the more you see. It is true for driving (highways are much more pleasant to drive than complicated downtown!), but it is also true for your life. Minimalism could also help you clearly see your passion, duties and life.

I’m sorry I’ve been writing pretty unorganizedly, but to sum up, if you are not entirely satisfied with your life, architecture may be able to help you. And, never say “Oh, architecture is not my thing”, but try to be curious about what it can bring to your life.

Well, at least, I’m really glad I’ve gained new perspective thanks to this film, and it is now time to throw useless things out of my room and start focusing on my life…


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