What Really Matters is the Climate, Not the Weather

As you may have realized already, my random daily thoughts are mainly provoked by a book I read at the time, and today’s thought is no exception.

I’m currently reading a book by famous Peter F. Drucker, “Post-Capitalist Society“. Now, Peter F. Drucker is known for “the founder of modern management” and usually covered in the field of business, but personally I admire him all the more for his sharp observations in the society and his advices can be used in the field of everyday life as well.

In the chapter of POLITY of the book, Peter F. Drucker talks about how an institution can regain its performance capacity (in business term, it is called turn around). It seems like the chapter is dedicated solely for institutions – governments, hospitals, schools or even labor unions -, but that is when you are only reading the surface. If you read deeply while reflecting, it is actually an advice to make your life more productive, enriching and better ; let me show you.

In the same chapter, he writes :

“The economic performances of Japan and Germany during the past forty years both teach the same lesson. These countries focused on the economic “climate” instead of on the economic “weather.” The aim of their economic policies – to turn to a different metaphor – has not been to make the patient feel good. It has been to make the patient healthy and to keep the patient healthy. It has been to create an economic environment in which the economy can grow; …” (P. 165)

Looks like some advice for a country’s economy? On the surface, yes, but it also teaches you a great life lesson :

“These countries focused on the economic “climate” instead of on the economic “weather”.”

In the same way, we should probably focus more on our “climate” instead of our “weather” in our life. Sometimes, when you focus too much on little details of your daily life, you tend to feel pessimistic… You were a little late for the meeting? You didn’t receive a message from your boyfriend? You ate too much chocolates? Those are small details that make up your day, t’s mere weather, it changes all the time.

Of course, there are ups and downs on your life, as the weather, but what really gives an impact to your life is the “climate” ; what do you want your life to be, as a whole?

Unlike weather, climate is changeable. You cannot control weather – you have to live with it – but your small efforts can change the climate, in both good and bad ways. We may never be able to manipulate the weather, but our activities which are harmful to the environment have surely affected the earth’s climate in the long run.

That is why we should focus on the “climate” of our life. Stop chasing attainable pleasure and easy goals, but try to look at your life from a long-term perspective. When you can picture how your “climate” will be like, you won’t be vulnerable to your “weather” ; no matter how cold today is, you know that summer will always come.

So here is an important life lesson from Peter F. Drucker,

Focus on the climate of your life, ignore the weather

A beautiful day in Saint-Tropez

Have a lovely day!

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