Education is not a Goal, it’s a Tool

It seems to me that a lot of people think of education as their ultimate goal. What they want from their education is not knowledge itself, but a certificate. Instead of the content of the study, the number of years you’ve spent on study becomes more valuable.

Yes, it is a great thing that now in many countries, most people are able to get certain level of education.

But here, let’s discuss the purpose of education.

To tell the truth, you can live without education. It is not something that has clear, material value such as money, food or clothes. I believe that what you gain from education, whatever the subject is, is the ability to think on your own. It enables you to doubt, criticize and improve yourself.

The true value of education lies in “how” you can apply what you’ve learned, not “what” you’ve learned. It is your role to complete and give true value to your education.

Famous economist Thomas Piketty once said, “The role of those who have the opportunity to get education is to make use of what you’ve learned for the society”.

I always try to remind myself how fortunate I am to be able to learn whatever I’m interested in, and try to study with a purpose of how I can make the most out of it for a better life, better society and better future.

That is my random thought of the day…

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