Are you a driver of your life? Or do you prefer to be a front-seat passenger?

The idea of “self-ownership” is quite interesting.

“I decide what I want to do”

“I choose what to eat”

“I wear what I like”

They are all come from the assumption that you own yourself. You are not owned by someone else. You are the owner of yourself, therefore, you are free to make your proper choices.

But here I’d like to raise a question.

Self-ownership, is this an idea of “I own myself” or “I should own myself”?

I mean, some people love to driver a car, while others prefer to be in a passenger seat. Some might not even want to get in a car at all.

Same thing can be applied to life as well. Some people would rather decide on their own, while others prefer asking advice from other people. Some people love to take risks while others desire an ordinary life. In other words, some people desperately need “freedom” (driver of life) but some people prefer avoiding too many responsibilities of their own life (passenger of life).

I am not saying that some people don’t want freedom at all, but it seems that what matters is whether you feel free or not, not whether you are actually free. (I guess it’s nearly impossible to be completely free, though.)

These front-seat passengers, they do not entirely let others decide where to go, but knowing that their opinions will be heard and respected when they say something, is the reason why they can relax in the passenger’s seat. In short, they feel free.

It could be that, for the well-being of people, it’s not about providing a complete freedom, but rather making people feel free. There are social responsibilities, morals and justice that may stop you from doing whatever you want, but at least it is a compromise, not coercion. Although you know that you can decide freely what to do, you decide not to do it yourself. It’s another form of freedom.

Going back to my initial topic of self-ownership, regardless of whether “I own myself” or “I should own myself”, I guess what everybody wants is their voices/opinions/thoughts being respected, valued, and find their seats in the society…

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