DO NOT Follow Your Passion

So this morning I read a quite interesting article that I wanted to share it here :

‘Following Your Passion’ Is Dead – Here’s What To Replace It With

[An article written by Michal Bohanes, on Forbes]

The article first caught my attention because I had been a big believer of ‘Following My Passion’. My life decisions are always made upon the principle of “I do what I like”, and as I’m experiencing a turning point of my life from this summer (I will be a university student, and what’s more, it’s abroad! First time living abroad, all alone…), I had always been telling myself that whatever happens, the important thing is to ‘Follow My Passion’.

However, this article opens my eyes to a new possibility of life, and I feel extremely lucky for reading it by chance in this period of my life, where I am beginning a new chapter.

“If you just want to pursue something you enjoy, that might be a sign of laziness rather than genuine passion.”

I’ve never thought of it this way, but it seems to me that there’s some truth in it. We tend to justify doing whatever we like under the name of “passion”, when in reality it is just running away from responsibilities. If it is truly your “passion”, then I guess you will pursue it not by doing nothing else, but in addition to fulfilling your duties.

…developing rare and valuable skills will lead to far greater career satisfaction because they make you financially stable and give you lots of control over your time. And slowly, you develop passion for a field you have profound expertise in.

Maybe defining your “passion” is wrong in the first place… I mean, you haven’t tried everything in the world, how do you know that it’s THE thing? It also means locking yourself up in a tiny world, without knowing other great things that may fascinate you. Isn’t it quite sad?

So, rather than pursuing your only one passion (which deprives you of so many other possibilities…), your passion should be something flexible. Extend your passion into new fields, and constantly challenging new things. It is the way you develop your passion.

‘Follow Your Passion’ literally suggests that your life is driven by your passion, not you. But hey, YOU are the one who guides your life. Don’t let your passion guide you.

It’s important to remember, though, that a passion is the major source of energy of your life. It will be a substantial force when living a rich, dynamic life.

You navigate your life, your passion pours fuel to it.

The article was truly inspiring, and it will definitely be a cornerstone when planning my job career. Again, I am glad I encountered it, just before entering university, which is the starter of the professional world.

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