Love, in order to be Loved

“Each human being is a complete individual, yet we are incomplete without the presence of others”

Love is something crucial in our life, yet no one is able to explain what exactly it is. It exists, but at the same time, it does not exist. We feel it, but we do not see it. It is no exaggeration to say that love is the most mysterious, yet ubiquitous thing in the world.

“Reflection” Marseille, France 2016

This morning as I was reading a book, a strange but somehow convincing notion of love came across my mind ; we fall in love someone, in order to love ourselves.

Human beings are reflective animal. We recognize, shape and even define ourselves in terms of how others see us. Just as we can only see how we look by looking at ourselves in a mirror, we can only know who we are by interpreting reflection of ourselves on other people.

Our actions and thoughts can never be wholly independent of others. No matter how “free” you think you are, your mind is somewhat influenced by your surroundings such as your culture, your family and the movie you watched when you were 6.

It led me to think, that maybe we love in order to love ourselves. Since we can only recognize ourselves with the existence of others, maybe we can love ourselves only by loving others.

It has long been said “treat others the way you want to be treated“. It could be because how you treat others is eventually how you treat yourself. Being kind to others means being kind to yourself, making others happy means making yourself happy, and nourishing other people’s souls means nourishing your own soul.

This notion of human beings as reflective animal can say a lot of things about our behavior and how we can improve it. After all, each human being is a complete individual, yet we are incomplete without the presence of others.

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